The fight for the Reef isn't over. It's only just begun.

We've shown time and time again that the will of the people can prevail, even in the face of powerful vested interests. 

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The beginning

November 2011: Campaign kicks off...

GetUp members learn of planned sea-floor dredging to make way for coal seam export facilities. One GetUp member delivers our 74,800 signature petition to the UNESCO office in Paris.

March 2012: UNESCO intervenes

Officials from UNESCO took the unprecedented step of coming to Australia to investigate threats faced by the Reef. UNESCO meets later the same year and issues an urgent directive to the Australian government to protect the Reef.

January 2013:  Community opposition grows

Almost 15,000 GetUp members write submissions to a Federal Government inquiry clearly articulating concerns about the Adani Carmichael mine - a response so huge it made national media.

May 2013: GetUp crashes Glencore-Xstrata AGM

A GetUp members and Glencore-Xstrata shareholder attends their AGM in Switzerland to present community concerns about the destruction to the Reef from mining projects.


January: Dredging in marine park stalled

GetUp members successfully stalled dredging plans on the Reef when they delivered a petition with 72,524 signatures to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's head office in Townsville.

May:  Deutsche bank refuse Adani funding

When Deutsche Bank appeared likely to fund Abbot Point, GetUp members raised funds for a full page ad in the Financial Times across Europe.

December: #ReefReels at Tropfest

GetUp partnered with TropFest and UpWorthy to launch a short film competition about the Great Barrier Reef. We got over 70 incredible entries - and five screened at Tropfest.


January: Queenslanders vote to protect the reef

In one of the biggest swings in Australian political history, Queenslanders threw out a Government that was determined to govern for big mining, not the people.

March:  GetUp members reveal Adani's horrifying track record in India

Adani's coal port and power plant in Mundra, India destroyed the environment that had sustained local fishing and farming for generations. GetUp members crowdfunded a documentary to tell the stories of the villagers affected by Adani reckless environmental disregard.

August: GetUp members beat Adani in federal court

In a huge win for the reef, the Federal Court overturned the approval for the Carmichael coal mine in a victory funded by thousands of GetUp members, demonstrating the environmental problems with Adani's mine.


April: Public outrcry intensifies

Massive public outcry as Queensland government grants mining leases for Carmichael - in spite of record levels of coral bleaching and determined opposition from Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners.

July: Hard-right humbled in election

The hard-right faction of the Coalition suffers huge defeats nationwide, and the Turnbull Coalition almost loses government after a single term. Polls show a consistent majority of Australians concerned about the impacts of climate change on the Reef.

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